Vøra Camping


The most beautiful campsite in Vestfold

Vøra Camping is located at the far end of the fjord of Sandefjord, Sandefjordsfjorden, 9 kilometers from the town center. The campsite is part of Sandefjords coastal path Kyststien. A few kilometers on foot or by bike, and you will find yourself in a spectacular coastal scenery, in the ocean gap, surrounded by a fantastic view.


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A camping paradise for families

Our camping is a paradise for children. There is always something to do here on Vestfold's finest and cleanest beach. Bathe in clean and fresh water, or as we say «take a dip at the outer tip, better here than anywhere» («lenger ut jo bedre vann, best på Vøra badestrand»). One of the few beach cleaning machines in Norway can be found at Vøra Camping, ensuring clean and fine sand. That also means loads of great material for building large sandcastles!

Furthermore, Vøra is known for more than just camping. We can tempt you with prime crab fishing: A little string, a clothespin, a mussel ‒ and the day is saved. Beach volleyball and sand soccer are among our other activities. A great playground can be found in the center of the area. And last, but not least, two kiosks full of ice cream. Here everything is arranged for a successful camping vacation ‒ for kids and adults alike!

We are the natural choice for those who want idyllic camping in the middle of spectacular coastal scenery.

Motorhomes for the whole family

You may have thought about it for a long time. What about trying life in a motorhome? With us, you can rent a motorhome that is perfect for you. Take some time off from everyday life and hit the road! Make your holiday an adventure with a rental car from Vøra Camping. With a motorhome, you can experience everything that the world's most beautiful country has to offer. No wonder motorhome enthusiasts from all over Europe are choosing Norway when wanting to experience something extraordinary on the road.

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Activities 2023

THIS HAPPENS AT OUR CAMPING SUMMER 2023 Everyone is welcome and it's always free 23.06. St Hans  Bonfire weather permitting. July 8

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