Vøra Camping

General rules for Vøra Camping

  • Entry to the site:Last entry is at 11 p.m
  • Check-out: Check-out is at 12:00. If you wish to stay longer, please contact the manager. Check-out for cabins is at 11:00 a.m.
  • Quiet hours:All guests must keep quiet after 23:00 p.m. Time to wind down ‒ a friendly reminder that we have guests sleeping in tents.
  • Alcohol: Our camping is a family camping, so the key word here is moderation.
  • Fire protection:All caravans and motorhomes must have a 6 kg fire extinguisher. Smoke alarms must be present in the caravan, motorhome, and awning/overhang.
  • Power: Use a maximum of 1 contact from the power pole. The cable must be at least 2.5 mm and approved for outdoor use.
  • Prices: See prices.
  • Garbage: Use the containers at the sanitary facilities.
  • Emptying the toilet:The toilet container is emptied in a designated room at the sanitary facility.
  • Electric car: Charging of electric/hybrid cars is not allowed.

The manager/owner has the right to expel guests in the event of a breach of the "General rules of order for Vøra Camping".

Agreement for seasonal guests:

  • Seasonal guests must read and follow these guidelines.
  • Seasonal guests must also follow general rules of order.
  • The season lasts from May 1 to September 1.
  • Your spot must be cleared at the end of the season. The deck is to be stacked in the agreed place. If the seasonal guest is not going back to Vøra Camping, all equipment must be removed from the site. The seasonal guest agrees to paying a fee if this is not complied with.
  • The deck: Decks must not be larger than the awning/overhang. Use of other areas must be agreed upon with the manager.
  • Parking: There should be only one car per camping spot inside the camping area.
  • Sale of motorhomes:No sale of motorhomes and caravans with camping spot: It is not allowed to sell camping spots by including this space when selling motorhomes or caravans. If this topic should become relevant, please contact the manager.
  • Power cable: Power cables must be 3×2.5 mm and earthed. It is the user who is responsible for ensuring that cables are in proper condition.
  • Fire protection: For each motorhome/caravan, 2 buckets must be filled with water and placed under the carriage by the wheel. The user must ensure that these are filled at all times. Smoke detectors are mandatory in all carriages and awnings/overhangs. The distance between each guest’s/group’s carriage, including awnings and decks, must be 4 meters.
    All caravans and motorhomes must have a 6 kg fire extinguisher as well as smoke alarm in the caravan, motorhome and awning/overhang. Propane pipes must be in accordance with Norwegian law.
  • Noise:For the benefit of all our campers, the camping area is to be kept quiet after 23.00 p.m..
  • The manager/owner has the right to expel the seasonal guests and their motorhome/caravan in the event of a breach of the "Agreement for seasonal guests" or "General rules of order".

We at Vøra Camping wish you a nice stay!!